Work Placement

Every year the Peel Youth Services makes a commitment to support those who are studying in the human services sector.

We have identified that there is a high need for placements in the training sector, especially for those studying certificates in; Community Services, Youth Work, Counselling and Early Childhood. In previous years we have accepted up to 10 placements within a defined period of time, due to the desperation for students to achieve the required hours as needed for them to graduate their course. the Peel Youth Services also accepts university students who may be studying associated degrees that link to the youth and family sector of our community.

Entry Process:

  • Ring the Executive Officer to see if there is a vacancy; Ph 089581 3365 or Mobile 0419 906 330
  • Send Resume and study details to EO via email;
  • Prior to being accepted an interview must take place.
  • If accepted there is a three day induction process.


  • If possible, to be able to transport yourself to our location
  • Good time management
  • To be self responsible and bring a positive attitude to the workplace.
  • To be respectful and non-judgemental
  • To abide by all PYS Policies and Procedures.
  • To make the most out of the experience and have fun.

2016 – Term 1

We have already received 5 applications for Term 1.  

Please email through your placment needs so they can be placed on the wait list for Term 2.