Early Childhood

Statement of Philosophy: The Peel Youth Creche is more an experience in growth, love, respect and encouragement.  The team are passionate about allowing children to be curious, inquisitive, innocent, unique and joyful.  All work is within the principles of organic learning in an environment of nature.

We Believe:

  • Children of all ages learn through play.
  • Environments impact deeply on a child’s development.
  • That all children are equal and have the right to be loved and nurtured.
  • That when children feel safe and happy they can develop resilience and have the ability to self-regulate their emotions.
  • That positive, natural environments are essential for a child’s health and wellbeing.
  • That family is inclusive of those people who are consistent in our lives.

The Peel Youth Creche supports the children of young parents 14 to 25 years of age, who are engaged in the Eyes Wide Open Project and live in the Peel Region of WA.  Appropriate healthy snacks and meals are provided to babies and children from 4 months to 5 years of age.

It is an unlicenced creche, open during school terms, from 9am to 12noon Tuesday to Thursdays.  It is funded by the Department of Education and Training, under the Budget Based Funded Programme.

The Quality Improvment Plan was implimented in 2014.  The creche works within the National Quality Standards of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.